Lesson 7

laptopUsing formulas to solve problems with area, volume, surface area, calculating interest, and changing temperatures between Fahrenheit and Celsius may have had your head spinning last week.  Letters (variables) were used in many different ways.  Your algebra skills had to be pretty sharp in order to solve several of the calculations.  I want to put your mind at ease.  We are not learning any new formulas this week!  We are going to practice using the same ones from last week!  Are you cheering now?  Yes, there is a catch to this great news.  We are going to be using these formulas in Excel.  If you input them in Excel or in a spreadsheet, it will do the calculations for you over and over again without you having to do much at all.  I am grateful for this week’s video in “W07: Study Videos”.  As I watched it, I learned a few new tricks that I plan on using to make my work in Excel decrease.  Technology may be intimidating to some of you, but just take this in stride, step by step, because the time savings it provides pays dividends!

There are no additional tutorials for this week.  If there is a topic you feel needs extra clarification, please email Sister Jensen (jensenh@byui.edu) and she will make and post the video here.

If you need additional practice beyond what is in the textbook, print off the following worksheets & answer keys: Exam 2 – Review 1, Exam 2 – Review 2, and Exam 2 – Review 3