Lesson 3

Decimals, Integers & Percents, oh my!  

This week’s lesson focuses on all of the operations with decimals and integers, plus, utilizing percents to solve problems.   One of the topics that students tend to struggle with in the long run is operations with integers.  I have linked a document ( Integers Overview )that summarizes the basics of integers and I have added a tutorial below walking you through subtracting with integers.  Mastering integers is imperative to being successful in solving algebraic equations in the future.


Here are two additional tutorials on dividing with decimals just in case you need another viewpoint:  Divide With Decimals and Divide With Decimals 2.

Here is an additional tutorial on solving percent problems.  There are problems in the assignment that address this topic.  However, we don’t actually study solving percent problems until Lesson 9.


If you need additional practice beyond what is in the textbook, print off the following worksheets & answer keys: Convert Fractions to Decimals and Decimals to Fractions Extra PracticeOperations with Decimals Extra Practice WorksheetOperations with Integers Extra Practice Worksheet and Percent Application Problems.