Lesson 14

A young man once came to Socrates and said, “Mr. Socrates, I have come sixteen hundred miles to talk to you about wisdom and learning.” He said, “You are a man of wisdom and learning and I would like to be a man of wisdom and learning. Would you teach me how to be a man of wisdom and learning?”

socratesSocrates said, “Come, follow me.” And he led the way down to the seashore.

Then they waded out into the water up to their waists. Then Socrates seized his friend and held his head under the water. His friend struggled and kicked and bucked and tried to get away but Socrates held him down. Now if you hold somebody’s head under the water long enough he will eventually become fairly peaceable, and when this man had quit kicking, Socrates carried him out on the bank and laid him out to dry, and he went back to the marketplace.

After this man had thawed out a little bit he came back to Socrates to find the reason for this rather unusual behavior, and Socrates said to him, “When your head was under the water, what was the one thing you wanted more than anything else?”

And he said, “More than anything else I wanted air.”

Then Socrates said, “When you want wisdom and learning like you wanted air, you won’t need to ask anybody to give it to you.” (Story from “Hold Up Your Hands” by Sterling W. Still, April 1973).

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Final Exam

Are you ready to take your Final Exam?  The exam will cover everything from the course.  Study your notes and the units you struggled with carefully before beginning the exam.  If you would like to take a practice test prior to the exam, here are two study guides with answer keys for you to use:  Math 100G Final Exam Study Guide with Answers and Final Exam Review Questions math 100G (there is an error in the answer key for #30.  The answer should be positive.).