Lesson 13

This is the final unit of study for this course! 

The best part about this unit is that it is on my favorite type of linear equation:  slope-intercept form!  This type of an equation is so popular among students and math teachers that very cool math people have written lyrics to songs about it.  The lyrics are not only educational but they are also upbeat, catchy, and will probably convert you to declaring slope-intercept form of an equation your favorite type of linear equation too!  I’ve included a video that some teachers (not me) put together that illustrate what I am talking about.  The first minute and eight seconds are just introduction music.  I recommend skipping that part so you can get to the good stuff, the lyrics.  I’ve included a copy of the lyrics (Y equals MX plus B song) because I suspect you will want to sing along.  Enjoy!

Here is an additional tutorial to watch to help you with graphing equations of lines.  You will need coordinate graph paper for a group of problems on Exercise 4.3 Parts A, B, & C.   You can download coordinate graph paper here.  Multiple_Coordinate_Graphs_4-per-Page

If you need additional practice beyond what is in the textbook, print off the following worksheets & answer keys: Find Slope and Y-Intercept Extra Practice WorksheetGraph a Line in Slope Intercept Form Extra Practice WorksheetGraph a Line NOT in Slope Intercept Form Extra Practice Worksheet, and Write Linear Equations Extra Practice Worksheet.

Exam 4 is this week.  If you would like to take a practice test prior to the exam, download the following document and separate answer key: Exam 4 Study Guide, Exam 4 Study Guide ANSWERS.