Lesson 10

Mentos and Diet CokeHave you ever wondered why mixing Mentos with Diet Coke makes a great eruption? 

I haven’t.  I am not naturally an inquisitive person wondering how things happen or work; I just enjoy watching the unexpected eruption.

Have you ever wondered how much a car payment would be if the loan was for this amount of money, for this certain amount of time, at this fantastic interest rate?  I think more of us have been in this situation regardless of if our minds are naturally inquisitive about how everything in the world works.  One of the key components of the course Math 100G is to help you apply math skills to financial decisions like loan payments, savings and budgeting.  This week you will use the tools in Excel to answer the questions of how much a car payment or house payment could be.  You will also use Excel to predict how much you could have in a savings account after a certain number of years depending on the interest rate and how it is compounded.  Don’t you love it when you can actually use math in your everyday life!

Here is an additional tutorial to watch to help you with the rules of exponents.  I broke the video into two parts because they are kind of long.  See textbook pages 126-127 for examples of the exponent rules.  You can also download a PDF version of these videos in case you want to reference the material without me talking your ear off:  Properties of Exponents Parts 1 and 2.

If you need additional practice beyond what is in the textbook, print off the following worksheets & answer keys: Multiplication Properties of Exponents Extra Practice wkstDivision Properties of Exponents Extra Practice wkst, Integer Properties of Exponents Extra Practice wkst – Part 1, integer properties of exponents extra practice wkst – part 2, and Mixed Review of the Properties of Exponents wkst.

You do not need to watch this video on interest formulas in Excel (or the video above) until you have completed Exercise 3.3 Part A and Quiz 10A.  Textbook pages 131-135 have the formulas written out with explanations.  The tutorial I have put together contains some tips on how to make the formulas a little easier to do in Excel.  The screencast will walk you through how to do several of the problems from Exercise 3.3 Part B.


Exam 3 is this week.  If you would like to take a practice test prior to the exam, download the following document and separate answer key: Math 100G Exam 3 Study Guide, Math 100G Exam 3 Study Guide ANSWERS.