Lesson 1

Welcome to your first week in the Pathway’s Math class!  

I’m excited that you have chosen to participate in this course.  Over the many semesters that I have taught this course I have learned that more than half of the students are apprehensive on taking a math class.  Some people claim to be Math people and some claim to be English people.  I believe that all students can be successful in Math (or English courses).  The trick to your success is to start believing that you can do it!  Watch the following clip to learn how to take the first step in acing the Math 100G class!

Positive Math Affirmations



Make Math a Positive Experience



This week you are supposed to memorize your math facts.  If you need additional practice on your addition and multiplication facts you have a couple of options.  The first three links below will allow you to download an Excel spreadsheet with the math fact practice on it.  View the tabs at the bottom to switch between the practice problems and the answers.  The fourth link is a worksheet with ten different multiplication tests you can download and do by hand.   Monsters_1.1a, Monsters_1.1b, Monsters_1.1c and Multiplicaton Practice Sheets for facts 0-12.